St Bastard's Teatowels

Trying to think of who from school ended up in prison? Then gossip all night over the stellar year that disgraces the St Bastard's Primary School Teatowel! Their freedom can be negotiated from the Pocko Shop, just so long as you promise to commit no further acts of biological warfare in the kitchen.

More Women's Health

This March it's drawings for a 'slim down' piece which doesn't hesitate to point out your chunky bits and what you need to do about it. A little below the belt I'd say (and a fair old bit above it if I was being brutally honest).


Not getting laid with a hearing aid? No suitor with a scooter? Are passions dimmer with a zimmer? Then these Valentine's Day cards for Scope's #EndTheAwkwardCampaign hope to punch through some of that cringey rubbishness that stops people getting their end away. Made alongside the cupids at Grey London, they seemed to be giving everyone the hots in the stores and even made the Telegraph go a bit peculiar.


Esquire knows that being a gent isn't all lager and Tim Lovejoy and there's always room for a spot of sophistication. The drawings peppering the Christmas issue's Culture Quiz should provide some comfort when you realise you've just spent the last year viewing other people's dinners on Facebook. 

Colin Farrell uncovers a ‘Trillion Dollar Scandal’

The Beefcake of Ballykissangel throws an egg square at the G20 summit in Australia in this short video for the ONE Campaign. Splattered with bloodsausage animation, we're shown just how much cash is siphoned out of developing and emerging countries through all sorts of dastardly hookiness every year. Thanks to the agency Don't Panic and Th1ng Animation for providing the placards and Guy Fawkes masks. 

Women's Health

With the party season nearly upon us, Women's Health invited me to illustrate an already graphic guide on how best to find an exciting spot of how's-your-father away from the security of one's own sleeping bag. Be careful when trying anything adventurous in the dark of the office stationery cupboard because you might just get the sack.