Jacamo sponsors Dave

Fans of motor-mouthed blokey-tude will not have missed my Jacamo stings bookending their favourite vroomy shows on Dave. Helmets off to LOVE, Pocko and animation co-driver Martin Morris for seeing us over the finish line. No doubt I'll get to "sandwich" Clarkson, although the last person to do that got punched in the face. #topicalhumourisexhausting

Cancer Research UK

Hot-cheeked, bowel-sinking, post-Christmas do shame? Find redemption in our TV turn for Cancer Research UK. A Campaign Ad of the Day, the regular Anderson/Rosenthal cocktail should wet your whistle for a cold, hard January off the pop. Thank you to Th1ng for seeing us through the production DTs.


Prince Albert is usually credited with introducing two items to the UK. Although seemingly dissimilar, both are quite a doing to organise, can cause considerable discomfort in one's trousers and prompt gasps when erected in the corner of your living room. The invitation came from the wonderful Soho creative agency Mr President to hail one of these items, the festive spruce, in their 'Celebritrees' range of Christmas cards. If they're not at celebritrees.co.uk they're lying on the pavement in February.  

Colourful Language

Hero of Switzerland have got us all effing and jeffing like dockers in 'Colourful Language', a grubby book for your felt tips celebrating good, honest toilet talk. Launched at this year's London Illustration Fair, you can pick one up from fucking heroofswitzerland.com


For those who like to start their sentences with the word ''Actually...'', The Third QI Book of General Ignorance is out now. Stuffed with astonishing did-you-know?'s and visual aids from bloodsausage.co.uk, it should totally undermine anything you thought was constant and good. Lots of thanks to Faber and Pocko, if that's who they say they are. 

Kapai Kai

"Can I use some of your paint on my didgeridoo?": The streets of Lima's Barranco district are teeming with not only curious folk, but some excellent scran. Come to Kapai Kai on Avenida Grau and have my daubs loom over you whilst you try to eat.