Pet Hates Toys

Pet Hates Toys have just launched a range of satirical dog toys, 'crufted' by my own grubby paws. First up are three political dog's dinners, ready for your pooch to give a Paxman-style mauling to. Go buy at

The Players' Tribune

'How it Happened' from The Players' Tribune is an animated series I drew up, magicked into life by the fabulous team at HU_SH London. They take a look at some of US sports most talked about moments, straight from the mouth guards of the athletes involved. Click HERE to find the full squad.


Recently I directed a little spot for Nickelodeon, supporting everyone's favourite drink-in-a-pouch Capri Sun, to go before the TV dance show Lip Sync Battle Shorties. Made with the excellent people at HU_SH London, it can be seen HERE. Always working 'method', the dance moves were based on a personal repertoire of course.

More Kissmekwik

Another couple of Arf! cards put together for old friends, available from their website. are insurance specialists made just for Dads that'll make sure you're putting Shreddies on the table long after you go and use that swivel chair to change a lightbulb.

Liberty London

Teaming up with branding and identity experts, & SMITH, luxurious London department store Liberty has commissioned a collective of British illustrators to create bespoke packaging for speciality products to go in its Mini British Food Hall. In amongst the goodies, crafted by the country’s finest artisan micro-producers, are a set of condiments by Manfood which they invited me draw all over. Go lovely on your beefcake:

For the month of September, alongside the delicious treats on offer, Liberty also have a limited number of my finest quality prints for sale. At last, something to throw on the wall other than that fifth attempt at a baked alaska.