Off the back of the regular work I do for the insurance firm Tom, here's another set of illustrations to help launch the website of a fantastic new independent financial advice company called Komo.


Here's something from way back that I don't think I've mentioned on this newsfeed (what's the opposite of “Breaking News”? “Coagulating News”?). The art department of the 2014 American neo-noir horror film, starring Ashley C. Williams as a woman who seeks revenge for her brutal rape, saw it fit to adorn the set with a selection of my framed illustrations. Popping up during the film's most crucial scene, I hope the audience wasn't distracted by my whimsical cartoons about paté.

Calm Amongst The Chaos - Mercury KX

Here's something to get your chakras in a row: “Calm Amongst The Chaos” is a YouTube playlist of LoFi music for yoga from MercuryKX (with an animated loop from me), helping you improve your mental and physical health through meditation, mindful moving and beautiful music.

Distance Couture

Distance Couture is a collection assembled by the wonderful @amvbbdo and the lovely folk who look after me at @pocko. The t-shirts make social distancing just that little bit easier during the current pandemic by helping people know to stay the eff away from you.

All profits go straight to the NHS, via NHS Charities Together. Get yours ready for when the pubs open again Saturday! 

Golden Charter

Here's an ad I've just designed and directed for the funeral plan provider Golden Charter. Huge thanks to all the brilliant folk at HU_SH London. Totally buried it. 

Home: Flaco Gallery, A Coruna, Spain.

Really thrilled to be a part of the upcoming group show at Flaco gallery in A Coruna, Spain. Cheers to Marco Oggian and Pocko for inviting me on board. Opening night from 8 pm on 12th of December if you find yourselves in Galicia then.