Samsung Galaxy Lovenotes

As a part of their campaign for Samsung Galaxy, Protein asked a select group of emerging artists to create their own Love Notes, which Samsung customers could then use as printed postcards. Here's my offering, and as with all misheard lyrics, I'm always a little disappointed to discover what the real words are...

Joined-Up Writing

The other page in your school exercise book was for writing, and so Peru This Week, Blown magazine and The Poke have regularly offered me some space to 'give a bit of verbal'.

Le Cool

It takes some doing producing a London-themed illustration for a London-themed magazine without one single Big Ben or Beefeater.  

Gordon's Alive!

The last general election seems like a million spending cuts ago. Yet I'm still very proud of the massive projections, made with the help of Pollocks and Red Bull, that cast a little bit of optimism for the incumbent Labour PM over London's major landmarks on the night before we went to the polls.