FACE with Bill Bailey

A gold at the British Advertising Awards was at the back of our minds when myself, the good folk at Grey and comedian Bill Bailey stood knee-deep in a farmyard and shot our ad for the charity FACE. Apparently kids are so full of e-numbers and turkey twizzlers to even care where e-numbers and turkey twizzlers come from, and FACE are there to try and fix that. The thrill of winning the award was only surpassed by having one of my heroes stand next to my drawing of a pig breaking wind.

Kissmekwik Cards

If you've recoiled at any bloodsausage illustration then why not send one to a friend. Kissmekwik.co.uk has many card designs for sale, as do Paperchase, Urban Outfitters and Scribbler. Design Week got one and wrote about them, despite me forgetting to include the fiver.


My efforts to garner a reputation for utter filth was at last rewarded with a commission to animate a nappy ad for Huggies, which has been cleaning up the worst of it in the UK, France and Italy through 2012-2013. 

Peru This Week

Life in Peru isn't all guinea pigs, drug trafficking and the vast industrial extraction of mineral commodities, as this interview in Peru This Week confirms. 

Company Portraits

Some time ago I was commissioned by the advertising agency Grey London to produced portraits of each and every worker in the building, which were were then hung magnificently in the company foyer. It was great fun to do and lots of new friends were made, so if you feel your business could use the same cheeky touch then please drop us a line.


A less successful commission from Grey was for a set of postcards 'celebrating' the advertising industry. The project was binned on delivery. Thankfully however, London's Smokehouse Gallery were there to scoop them up and put them on display at their Phantasmagoria show.