are insurance specialists made just for Dads that'll make sure you're putting Shreddies on the table long after you go and use that swivel chair to change a lightbulb.

Liberty London

Teaming up with branding and identity experts, & SMITH, luxurious London department store Liberty has commissioned a collective of British illustrators to create bespoke packaging for speciality products to go in its Mini British Food Hall. In amongst the goodies, crafted by the country’s finest artisan micro-producers, are a set of condiments by Manfood which they invited me draw all over. Go lovely on your beefcake:

For the month of September, alongside the delicious treats on offer, Liberty also have a limited number of my finest quality prints for sale. At last, something to throw on the wall other than that fifth attempt at a baked alaska. 

Intergenerational Foundation

What with Brexit, The Daily Mail and expensive beard grooming, relations round the family dinner table have never been so tense. The Intergenerational Foundation is a charity that targets a fairer deal for young people, believing they should have the same standard of living as generations who have gone before. They are pushing to change policy in housing, health and higher education, employment, taxation, pensions, voting, transport and environmental degradation.

This animated short I put together hopes to one day put an end to any further bloodshed at nan's birthday.

Jacamo – D&AD Awards

In the build up to our TV ads that ran on Dave, the Mancunian studio LOVE and I made a brand book for Jacamo – a “Real Man Manual”that “combines the new, humorous brand tone of voice with a series of comical illustrations to create a brand book that inspires and entertains in equal measure” ­- and now it's just picked up a couple of pencils at the D&AD Awards 2017. And to think the drawings I did in my maths book in 1997 got me a bollocking. 

The Joe Rogan Experience

No "pussyfooting" around, got a thorough vetting on the Joe Rogan Experience today. Whole thing is a winner but skip to 1:26:30 for ten minutes to hear Joe and Dr Chris Ryan “purr-use” the animation that might rub you the wrong way...

Peruvian Booze

We've all woken up once in a while with a head full of pain and a few hazy memories. It made a nice change then to discover I'd in fact been dressing Lima's booming craft ale industry. I hope the designs are as well thought-through as our post-pint decisions.