Mercury KX Calm Amongst the Chaos: Summer Playlist 2021

High time we sent the Mercury KX toro went on a well deserved trip. Feet up and enjoy the playlist from the label's roster here.

Elis James Feast of Football: Euro 2020 (BBC Wales)

BBC Wales has taken Elis James' successful football podcast onto TV screens for a series of episodes following Wales through the European Championships. Off the back of the film I made for the podcast a couple of years ago, I was invited to supply all the animation and graphics for the show. Here's a short edit showing some of the work.

Museum of Youth Culture Shorts: “Hair to the Throne”

The Museum of Youth Culture is an institution dedicated to the styles, sounds and social movements innovated by young people over the last 100 years. In this short animation I made for them, Madeline Foster tells us about her mum Stacy, during her 1980s Goth phase, experiencing a brief 'brush' with royalty!

Mercury KX Calm Amongst the Chaos: Piano Day 2021

There's been a lot in the news about missions to Mars, so I thought the Mercury KX bull, if he was a bovine space explorer, would probably need a good supply of music on such a long voyage. Enjoy the beautiful playlist from the Mercury KX folk here.

Ted Experience

Ted Experience offers brand experience solutions across roadshows, sampling campaigns and pop-up, retail, broadcast and influencer events. It has an enviable client roster that includes Nintendo, Campari, Mondelez, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, and EA among others.

You may ask, what is it about “experiences” that effectively builds brands and drives sales? Well, in this animation I put together for Ted, we go way back in time...

New Pet Hates!

If you animals weren't already wound up, we've put a load of brand new cat and dog toy designs out on Pet Hates Toys. With Priti Patel, Kier Starmer, Michael Gove, Nicola Sturgeon, Joe Biden, or if your pet's tough enough, Vladimir Putin, schnookums should have plenty to annihilate.