Dave Anderson

My name is Dave Anderson and this is bloodsausage.co.uk, an award-winning and thoroughly misbehaved animation and illustration operation which for over a decade has been helping even the most uptight find their funny. 

Thanks to an internet cable, in those years the studio has pitched up in my hometown in Wales, London, my wife's land of Peru, and now the well-honed brand of comedic artwork comes straight to you from Barcelona. 

There's been appearances on the BBC, Channel 4, S4C and BT SportD&AD-approved national ad campaigns, million-viewed music videos, over 200 illustrations for Metro, storyboards for Harry Hill, a popular line of dog toys, and I'm still trying to dine out on a brief turn on The Joe Rogan Experience

So please dive in and enjoy the chambers of this website. If any thoughts arise, please do write to me via dave@bloodsausage.co.uk


The good Mister Anderson’s art lies deliciously between maths-book doodles, evil Hallmark cards and left-wing newspaper cartoons. His humour is dry and acerbic, his wit sardonic and ironic. Imagine a young, British, OCD, po-mo Larson, his gaze penetrative and revealing, his tongue scathing and sharp, like a Radio 4 comedy presenter contemplating his suicide note.

Urban Junkies

He's great. That animation's amazing. It's perfect!

Joe Rogan

The simple yet very humouristic drawings Dave Anderson makes are always contrasting within themselves. Form and content seem to be created to be the exact opposites of each other, and that's what makes his style so interesting.


Ridiculously rude.


If you don’t have a good old belly laugh, or at least a chuckle at his creations, well, you’re even more bitter than I am.

Design Week