Dave Anderson

bloodsausage.co.uk is the scandalous vehicle of illustrator and animator Dave Anderson, there to help even the most uptight organisation find their funny.

A former stand-up comedian, Dave has just set up in Barcelona after five years in Lima, Peru.

He's animated for the likes of Colin Farrell, Bill Bailey and Alain de Botton and in the past couple of years directed campaigns for Nickelodeon, Cancer Research UK, The Players' Tribune and Jacamo.

A D&AD winner, he's also illustrated for Nike, Esquire, Women's Health and is the current regular for Metro. His drawings fill the Third QI Book of General Ignorance and his unsettling greetings cards can be found in the Scribbler, Paperchase and Urban Outfitters chains.

An experienced storyboard artist, Dave has worked closely alongside the best comedy directors and was thoroughly chuffed to help Harry Hill plan his last movie.

The simple yet very humouristic drawings Dave Anderson makes are always contrasting within themselves. Form and content seem to be created to be the exact opposites of each other, and that's what makes his style so interesting.


The good Mister Anderson’s art lies deliciously between maths-book doodles, evil Hallmark cards and left-wing newspaper cartoons. His humour is dry and acerbic, his wit sardonic and ironic. Imagine a young, British, OCD, po-mo Larson, his gaze penetrative and revealing, his tongue scathing and sharp, like a Radio 4 comedy presenter contemplating his suicide note.

Urban Junkies

Ridiculously rude.


If you don’t have a good old belly laugh, or at least a chuckle at his creations, well, you’re even more bitter than I am.

Design Week